Gay Man Receiving Male Massage

Our male masseurs are available for male massage and naturist massage every day. Our male massage therapists are trained to provide medium pressure massage, using a light plant based oil. Massage treatments warm the skin, increase blood flow and aid the lymph system to drain. The lymph eliminates toxins from the bodies muscle and tissue. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins which promote relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing.

Naturist massage is a massage treatment in which both the client and masseur are both naked. The removal of boundaries allows for a sense of liberation, skin to skin contact and a greater connection between client and therapist.

Massage treatments are extremely popular at W3 Complex. To avoid disappointment it is advised that you book before arrival. This can be done online using the booking app in the link below, or alternately using the contact email or phone number. Payment will be taken on the door for any treatments, we accept cash and most debit and credit cards. 




Mark is available Tuesday - Saturday



45 Minutes Full Body Massage: £35 + Standard Admission

45 Minutes Naturist Body Massage: £45 + Standard Admission